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Behind the Scenes

By Ashley

Yesterday in the story told, lifeguards debated on a fact about the pool... well to my surprise I've gotten a number of responses wanting to know what more details!  #wisdomiswonder I guess!  So here we go with some pool facts at Lake Williamson (IL):

Indoor Pools (located at the Activities Center)
The main swimming pool holds 48,000 gallons! The kiddie pool holds 1000 gallons and the hot tub holds 400 gallons. It takes the 'pool guy' a little over an hour to do the once over of all these pools in the morning, and he must check on them two more times throughout the day.

Outdoor Pool (located near the beach front)
I thought the indoor pool was big, but the outdoor pool holds 80,000 gallons of water!  This pool alone takes 1.5 hours for the once over and like the indoor pools needs checked 2-3 times throughout the day.

Slide Pool (located at the beach front)
The slide pool is the small exit pool that "The Plunge" water slide feeds into; it holds 24,000 gallons of water.  This pool is unique in that we do a daily check of the pool itself, but also do a weekly flush of the whole slide and pool.  It's the lifeguards' favorite cleanup procedure... walking the slide with the water off to look for cracks or abrasions.

Haven't seen or visited our pools?  Well check out this short video for some cool go pro footage!