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Bridging the “Gap”

By Kayla

There’s always that gap between planning and attending summer camp. That time where it seems to slip from everyone’s mind, because it is too far away to start packing, yet all the planning has already been taken care of. So what do you do in that gap? You get kids ready for camp. No matter how far away it seems, it’s never too early to start preparing them for what is sure to be one of the best experiences of their summer.

One way to do this is by teaching relevant lessons at youth group and Sunday school. Many camps have a theme, which is a great way to keep everything on track. Teach lessons that incorporate that theme and get them thinking about the kind of things they will be doing and discussing at camp. Think about it like a TV show. The season finale builds up all this suspense and questions that have you anticipating the start of the next season. The same thing applies here. Build up the lessons that get them excited to find out what happens when they get to camp. 

Another way to help kids get mentally ready for camp is by bringing in someone who has been before. Have him or her give a testimony about their experience. Be prepared for life-changing stories. This will show new attendees just what the power of camp can do. For kids, it is one thing to hear adults/event planners talk about the upcoming event, and completely different to hear about it from someone their age who has been. This person can also share tips and answer questions about what to bring and activities to do. A promo or recap video would also work.

That gap is shrinking every day, and before you know it, your youth group will be on the road headed for camp. Make sure they are ready, so that they get the absolute most out of the experience. They will sure be happy you did.

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