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Don't Let the Weather Stop You

By Heath

Who doesn’t love the summer weather? When the sun is shining and the heat is just right, everything seems absolutely perfect for an off-site retreat. Groups can make the most of their time outdoors by participating in recreation activities with others, having a picnic or cookout, and even going on a nice, leisurely stroll through the grounds of the retreat center they are staying at. However, what if plans change due to dreary weather? Here is a list of tips to make the most out of your retreat despite storms.

1. Dress the part – With off-site events happening in the summer, it’s easy to stuff your luggage with only t-shirts and shorts. Don’t let the weather completely rain on your retreat’s parade though. Pack a light jacket, hat, and/or umbrella to stay dry if your group has a few activities planned for the outdoors.

2. Plan Indoor Activities – If retreat planners see that an entire day’s forecast is completely covered in rain showers, make sure your group has plenty of entertainment so they do not become bored while being inside. Summer camps and off-site retreats are meant to bring groups closer to God and each other.

  • Bring Your Bible: Have guests bring their Bibles for personal reading, study sessions and services.
  • Games on Games on Games: Who says the indoors aren’t fun. Games, such as charades and cards, are great activities to break the ice and make new attendees feel more comfortable with veteran retreat goers. Retreat planners will also want to really look into the indoor recreation offered at a property before their event.
  • Relax and Reflect: Rainy days additionally provide guests with the perfect opportunity to not only relax but reflect on their relationship with Christ and other individuals. Gather your group together by having a small worship service filled with prayer, songs, and personal stories. Some of the most powerful messages and testimonies I have ever heard have been at an off-site event with my church.

3. Dance in the Rain – If it is raining, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the whole time. Throughout the scripture, we are reminded that rain is truly a blessing delivered by God. Why not make the most out of that blessing by playing in the rain! If the initial part of the day was extremely hot, let the kids and teenagers cool down by having a little fun during the downpour. Who said you can’t let out your inner child too? Always remember to be safe in rainy weather. When there is lighting, hale, wind, and other major factors involved, keep calm and stay inside.

See! Your off-site event doesn’t have to be a total failure due to the bad weather. Enjoy every second of your time with others by having a positive attitude and open mind on how to keep your group involved despite lousy weather.

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