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Feed the Feedback

By Kayla

One of the most important aspects of an event actually happens after it is over: the feedback. That doesn’t sound right. The planning and participation are so much more important. Maybe not. Groups that have a successful event tend to plan more in the future. So how do you know you had a successful event? Is it because everyone showed up? Is it because the weather was perfect for your outdoor recreation? Is it because no one got hurt? The real answer is because the attendees had a beneficial experience. The only way to know that is by asking them.

Surveys sent immediately after an event, while it’s still fresh in guests’ minds, can greatly help planners get started on their next event. Participants may have preferred one activity over another or may have suggestions for a different activity to do instead. Whether good or bad, planning becomes a lot easier when the planner knows what members want. A great thing about this kind of feedback is that it allows everyone to be heard, which can otherwise be a problem in large groups.

Now you are probably thinking: How do I send out a survey and what kind of questions do I ask? The properties of the Christian Retreats Network take care of this for you by sending guest evaluations to event planners for their attendees. However, if you want to learn more about surveys and see some sample questions, click here.

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