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By Kayla

During camp season, we see all kinds of great videos made by groups. Some of the best are shot with a GoPro. These small, action cameras are very popular among youth camps. Here’s why:

1. Promo Videos
Camp promo videos are the coolest and most effective way to get kids excited for camp. GoPro footage takes promo videos to the next level. That awesome angle just turned a fun-looking activity into a super fun-looking activity. It is the perfect way to show all the exciting recreation that camp has to offer. Plus, kids get to help make the video without too much work on their part.

2. Durable
Let’s face it; kids can get a little rough with things. GoPros are designed to be dropped, hit, submerged, and all around tough. This is why they are so great for camps. Kids can take them in the water and in the midst of games. This adventure-minded camera is meant to be right in the action. And let’s be honest, that’s where all the best shots are. You no longer have to take all video footage from a distance. Did I mention it can go underwater?

3. Easily mounted
This tiny camera can be mounted on all sorts of things and in all sorts of places. Mounting accessories can be bought for hand grips, tripods, handlebars, head straps and almost anywhere else you could think. Needless to say, this means great footage. Just imagine a camera strapped to someone going down a zip line or diving into the lake.

4. Effects
This camera not only shoots high def video, it can also take stills and create a time lapse. When it comes to editing, GoPro has its own unique editing software (GoPro Studio) that works specifically with the device.

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Check out this video taken at our Lake Williamson property, which was featured as the Video of the Day on GoPro's website and Youtube channel.  And for more awesome videos go to the GoPro site

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