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Growing Your Event through WOM

By Karen

So you've just gotten back from your off-site retreat and your head is spinning from how awesome it was!  You knew you planned a great retreat, but this one went way beyond.  Clearly God was with you and your retreat guests, and made his presence known.  While you may be giving yourself a break from planning and marketing for the next retreat for now, remember, this is the ideal time to share your experience!  While the excitement is still fresh, take the opportunity to share the exciting things that happened at your retreat in church, at bible study, youth group, on Facebook, doesn't matter, just let people know.

One sure way to grow interest, participation and volunteers for your future events is to share the amazing things that happened during your last retreat!  People are always looking for uplifting and transformational experiences and you're always looking for new guests for your event.  While you may not have all the details worked out for the next retreat just yet, start an interest list.  You want to be able to capture the enthusiasm of those who will be new to your event at the time it happens.  Give people the opportunity to sign up for news and reminders about the next event, and maybe even put down a deposit.

WOM - Word of Mouth, what a powerful tool for event planners to take advantage of in their post-event evaluations; with this little bit of easy follow up, you are setting your next event up for success!

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