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His, Hers, Yours, Theirs, Ours, Mine....

By Ashley

Teams can meet on short term objectives through the conventional monthly meetings.  However every so often, usually about 1-3 times per year, a more intensive meeting is required to hammer out not just a yes or no decision, but layered and detail intensive planning and budgeting.

Going off-site, at least an hour away, is a good idea for these annual meetings.  By changing the environment to something away from home, you eliminate many distractions and allow the whole group to only focus on the meeting topics.  More importantly for a multi campus organization, having a meeting on neutral turf eliminates any animosities between regions, or resentment of always having larger meetings at the 'headquarters' or 'executive board room'.  Neutral locations allow everyone to be at the same level, with no home field advantage or seniority ranks.  By bringing everyone to the same level it gives team players more confidence to express their ideas and opinions; brainstorming takes a more creative and well-rounded edge.

Going to a neutral location doesn't mean it has to be an expensive location.  A lot of leaders unfortunately think off-site equals over-budget, and that is not the case!  There are several realistic options including meeting at out-of-town churches in your denomination, or conference and retreat centers.  Taking your team for a day conference or overnight retreat can be both affordable and beneficial.

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