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Holiday Cheer

By Beth

Well, I'm getting excited! The Christmas music, decorations everywhere, Christmas programs at school and church, time spent with family and friends, lots of laughs; oh! And did I forget to mention the food? How could this get any better you ask... well my family is growing this Christmas!  I'm so blessed to be welcoming my first grandchild into the world this Christmas season.  Graeme Edward arrived December 5th and I've been spending every minute I can with him.

The excitement of Christmas and the high spirits it brings have you living in euphoria for a month, but how do you all feel the day after Christmas? On January 2nd? I have to admit that I feel myself losing all the excitement, feeling let down, like I just don't have anything to look forward to! I never felt that way as a child, the joy continued the smiles stayed, everyday was fun.

Jesus continues to bless us every day, not just on the holidays we celebrate, or the special times we are with our family and friends, He blesses each day! My resolution for this year... Be grateful, be kind and bless others with a joyful heart! So, if any of you see me with a frown or showing worry in my heart, remind me of my resolution! Because I do know and I believe that I am blessed beyond my imagination each day and so are you.

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