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Escape Rooms Coming to Lake Williamson

By Jeffery

You have probably heard about Escape Rooms. They are popping up everywhere across the U.S. The general idea is that 2-10 people are put in a room and have one hour to either “escape” the room or solve the mystery within the room.

As an experiential educator, I was instantly enthralled with the idea--a group of people working against the clock to solve an immensely complex puzzle. So many team building principles come into play in such a program. A successful group must rely on quality communication. Roles must be established. Strategy must be devised. Without these skills, the room is filled with a group of individuals floundering in their own personal agendas.

Starting in March, Lake Williamson is proud to be offering two of our own escape rooms, where your team has one hour to solve the puzzle and get out.

Each session will start with a brief orientation. Once your group enters the room, the clock is ticking, and you have a maximum of sixty minutes to complete the mystery. Upon leaving the room, whether or not you successfully solved the riddle, there will be a debriefing centered around the group’s response to the challenge.

Click here to book your room and see if your group is up for a little mystery.


Can You Crack the Capone Room?

FACT: During Prohibition, a Chicago “businessman” built the barn at Lake Williamson and used it to supply alcohol to notorious gangster, Al Capone. Local legend claims Capone would hide his car in the barn when visiting.

BUT: What else did he hide there? Your team of Treasury Agents has been handpicked by Elliot Ness himself to search Capone’s office and find the ledger that will convict Capone of tax evasion. You have one hour to crack the safe and get out...or wind up sleeping with the fishes.


Lake Williamson Christian School

GOOD NEWS: It’s the last day of school!

BAD NEWS: You and your classmates slept through the entire semester. You have one hour to complete all the quizzes and tests you missed. If you fail, you will have to repeat the 3rd grade for the fourth time.

Don’t spend another year going to summer school! Work together and solve the riddles.

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