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Hospitality (Guest Service) is Powerful!

By Steve

More than we realize, the effectiveness of off-site ministry is dependent on a thorough understanding of Christian Hospitality and how it affects the individual guest and their openness to God's work. Through a seven part series we will take a look at Christian Hospitality and how it relates to Conference and Retreat Ministry.  Our first installment was:  Hospitality (Guest Service) is Biblical.

Our second installment: Hospitality (Guest Service) is Powerful!

Why is hospitality so powerful?

  1. Meets a basic human need for acceptance and value. Life for many has been about rejection and devaluing; and valuing people is what Jesus is all about.
  2. Acceptance and care opens people's heart to God's power to change lives.
  3. It brings God's supernatural favor and blessing into the situation.

It is our conviction that no one should know more about serving guests at an extraordinary level than Christian ministries. Exceptional hospitality is central to who we are and what we are called to do. This is the one area that we are in full control of. It is here that we have the opportunity to excel as a property and elevate the "personal touch" factor and exceed expectations.

Extraordinary guest service can be your competitive advantage in the marketplace of conference and retreat centers. Financial limitations may never lend us to lead the industry in five-star facilities or guest luxuries. We CAN, however, show people care, love, attention, and respect that make them loyal guests committed to using our facility, and telling others about us.

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