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A Christmas to Remember

By Dennis

One of my favorite Christmas memories happened over 45 year ago! We had a Christmas gathering at my Uncle's home like we usually did back then. This particular Christmas my Aunt wanted to gather together all the "House" (our last name) men together and take a family picture. Of course we did what we were told and the picture was taken.

Later the film was developed and put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Well about 15 or so years ago we were going though some old pictures and my daughter saw the picture for the first time.  She immediately laughed and said, "look, they are all wearing flannel shirts"! It was not something we planned or thought anything about, that was just what we did.

I am so glad that picture was taken so long ago. Some that are in that old picture are no longer with us now. But every time the weather starts to turn cool in the Fall and I dig out my old flannel shirt, I think about that day; all because my daughter noticed something a little out of the ordinary.

Get a little out of the ordinary and make a Christmas to remember!

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