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Finding Funds

By Stephanie

Although the benefits of camp can’t be disputed, some families and organizations struggle with covering the cost. There are many ways to raise funds to cover camp cost, which will in turn open the door to any child that wants to attend.

  • Babysitting - If you are fundraising around the holiday season you can advertise a babysitting day for parents to go Christmas shopping. You could host all of the kids at the church and make it a fun youth event at the same time. You can also offer babysitting services any time and just babysit at the church members’ individual homes.
  • Service (lawn mowing, leaf raking, cleaning, etc.) - I was once part of a service fundraiser where I cleaned a basement, painted a shed, and even handed out flyers for a business. You will find church members will love to donate money for a good cause especially if they can get a little help crossing things off of their to-do list in the process.
  • Something-a-thon – Bowl (pledge per pin), Walk (pledge per mile), or Bike (pledge per mile). This type of fundraiser is fun for the kids! It also illustrates a direct correlation in earning money and the amount of effort they put in to the activity.
  • Sporting tournament – Dodgeball tournaments are a popular event, especially among youth and young adults. You can charge a small entry fee and sell food and drinks during the tournament.
  • Meal - You can offer an after church brunch, a Cafe Night, or even a pancake breakfast. You know your church and community best. Organize a meal event that you think would interest the largest amount of people in your area.
  • Coupon Book - You can ask for donations from businesses in your community or you can ask for their involvement in a coupon book. Coupon books are great because everyone benefits. You are able to raise money, the individual who purchased the coupon book gets a discount, and the featured business gets more customers.
  • Change drive - You would simply ask church members to bring in any lose change they have. You will be amazed at how much money you can raise just from extra change.
  • Ask for donations - Ask your church members for a free will offering or sponsorship. You will have some church members that will love to financially support a child by covering all of the cost involved with camp.

Youth camp is not cheap, and many families struggle to send their child(ren). Don’t let kids in your church miss out on this life-changing experience. Fundraising can make it possible for every child to enjoy the benefits of attending camp. It is definitely worth the time and effort. Youth camp is an important experience a child will never forget!

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