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From Awful to AWESOME

By Ashley

  1. Have an agenda, but don’t overdo it. We have enough busy schedules to keep up with already. Have some free time and allow guests to choose what they want to do. No one wants to feel forced. Retreats are meant for relaxation, which is hard to come by when you are constantly on the run between worship, meetings, meals, and activities. Just be cautious of other groups or time restrictions on activities.
  2. Make sure to schedule plenty of fun. They say there’s no such thing as too much fun. Keep that in mind when scheduling. Yes, you are probably here to get stuff done, but you are also here for a good time. Don’t make guests feel like they are back in school/work. Check your venue to see what recreation activities and team building they provide, as well as what you can bring on your own. Notice that I said “schedule”, because leaving no direction can be just as dangerous as scheduling too much. Also, if there are other groups at the venue or the activities require staffing, you will have to make sure that your group will be able to participate.
  3. Pick the right venue. Yeah, fun can be made anywhere, but picking the right place not only makes it easier on the planner, it also makes it more enjoyable for the guests. It can be hard to have fun and relax in a place with bad food, uncomfortable lodging, or lousy recreation. For tips on choosing the right venue, check out our blog 9 Questions to Ask before Booking a Venue.
  4. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Even though you planned this retreat for your group, it is important that you have fun, too. Why? Because it will affect how the guests react to the event. Have you ever been to an event (or even something as simple as a birthday party) where the planner was so stressed out and cranky that it was hard to have fun? The same thing applies here. Nit-picking the entire time will only make it bad for those attending. Unhappiness is as easily spreadable as happiness. When you put your faith in your event and relax, then the guests will be able to relax, knowing that you have everything under control.

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