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Get on the Calendar

By Kayla

It’s already November, which means our Group Accounts reps are busy putting together next year’s schedule. Is your event on the calendar? There are plenty of reasons to book early: suitable dates, enough beds, and preferred activities. However, the venue’s calendar isn’t the only one you should be on already.

Making sure potential guests know early about your event is crucial in getting them to attend. Having the event booked isn’t enough. It’s time to start promoting. Now, if this is an annual event, held around the same time, you’re a little safer. But, especially if this is a new event, you have got to start letting people know.

Begin by getting the word out in your church. If this is a segmented event, such as youth, men, women, or couples, speak to their group in person. Put it in the bulletin, church newsletter, and make an announcement during service. After that, it is time to get the computer working for you. The first place to start is social media. It’s quick, free and doesn’t take advanced skills because many people are already using it anyway. To get on people’s digital calendar, create an event on Facebook and invite them. Not only will they have all the information for the event, which you can easily add to, they will also get reminders from Facebook about it. That way, they don’t forget so easily. Plus, the interactive capabilities allow you to keep “talking” to them about it right up until departure.

Another way to spread the word is email. Send an e-vite. Hopefully you have some sort of email list. Sending an e-vite will put the event on their email calendar, and depending on their email settings, send them a reminder. You can follow up with emails (spread out over time, of course) that give more details about the event, as well as reminders for signing up.

Whether your event gets written on a paper calendar or typed into a digital one, make sure it is on there as soon as possible. The new year will be here before we know it, and people are looking to start filling those calendars.

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