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Get social with your venue!

By Kayla

We have shared many blogs on why and how to use social media to enhance your event. It lets you interact with guests outside of the event and provides a great platform for feedback. However, individuals aren’t the only ones on social media these days. If you’ve got an event coming up, chances are the venue hosting it has their own profiles. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else, they surely have some sort of social media presence.

What does that mean for you (and more importantly, your event)?

Social media is all about getting social, and they wouldn’t have an account if they didn’t plan on using it. So, interact with your venue.

  • Like and follow their page(s). Chances are they will reciprocate.
  • Tag them in photos and videos. You never know what they might share to their own pages.
  • Use their location on the event page so that they can see more of what you have going. Keep in mind that venues host many events, so they won’t only be paying attention to yours. However, when they do interact with you, they will be able to have a better conversation, because they can see what your event is all about. Who knows? They may even participate in some of your online activities or polls.
  • Share their posts. If they post something related to your event, such as a welcome, share it to your event and/or group’s page so that guests can see it, too. I mean, it’s only cool that they gave you an online shout out if your group members can see it.

Don’t forget that social media is completely free, and provides you with a quick and easy way to make a personal connection with a venue like never before. Take your event into the digital world and watch it grow, as well as your connection with the hosting venue.

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