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Please Ask Me A Question

By Ranee

Maybe I should buy a button to wear that says, "Please ask me a question." Sometimes in the realm of conference services it feels like you get asked and answer the same questions over and over...

BUT then I stop to reflect on the fact that for many of our group planners this may be their first retreat, maybe it is their first time coming to the property, or perhaps the group has been before, but they are using different facilities for their upcoming event. Sometimes people simply ask the question again because they forgot the answer. And that's okay! Regardless, it's important for those serving in hospitality to remember that there are no dumb questions, just questions that go unasked.

The unasked question

is what leads to a bump in the event or some small portion needing a fix or adjustment. As a person who spends a great deal of time relaying information to various staff members about our retreat groups, from meal times to activities times, from which groups need A/V equipment to those needing none, having accurate information is a key to our success. Part of that success comes from my asking the group planner the right questions prior to the group's arrival. The other key component is that same group planner feeling comfortable to ask all the questions they need including:

Do we need to bring bedding?"

How long do the zip lines take?"

Can we hang stuff on the walls?"

Establishing early on that you care about the little things and have time to answer questions goes far in helping the group planner feel good about their upcoming event. Taking care of the details prior to a group's arrival brings peace of mind to the group planner and confidence that the retreat center staff cares. An event can rise or fall on good communication. So ask questions! You'll be glad you did.

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