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Kids Rule!

By Kayla

A big problem many organizations face these days is finding volunteers. For youth camps that could include planners or teachers to present lessons. Let the kids do it! (With guidance, of course.) Youth camp is a life-changing experience, so let it be just that. Take the students outside their comfort zones so that they can grow. There is a plethora of benefits for allowing the youth members to lead in their event. After all, they are the ones that have to attend it.

When it comes to planning a youth event, the theme is critical. Let the kids help decide what topics they want to talk about. Adults don’t truly know what is going on in the kids’ heads. Giving them the opportunity to help make the decision on lessons and activities ensures that they will enjoy the event. Click here to learn more about choosing a theme for your group.

After the planning is done, let them take more of role at the actual event. Let them teach lessons or run an activity. This may sound a little scary depending on the age of the kids in attendance, but kids love getting responsibility and being told they did well. It’s like when they are in that toddler stage that they want to help with everything. (Too bad that doesn’t last into their teens.) When they know you trust them to lead, you will be amazed at what they can do. When they give a bible lesson, they will feel more confident and want to contribute more in the future. The best part for them is that the audience is a small group of their young peers. They don’t have to feel intimidated by adults judging them. They already have enough to feel self-conscious about.

They say you’ve truly learned something when you can teach it to someone else. So, when one of the kids gives the lesson, you can be sure that they know it and are more likely to remember it. Students spend 5 days a week listening to adults tell them things they are supposed to memorize. Take them out of the normal routine, because the idea that another student will be teaching them can spark more interest. This means a more attentive audience and further retention of the material, because they will be more engaged. They can act out a story from the bible or play a game to help them get talking about the topic. The added benefit is that the student leader will be able to relate the material to the other students in a way adults probably couldn’t. They can also share their own experiences, which can make the lesson easier to remember. You may end up with more energetic lessons, but you will also have a more participating audience. What better way to bring students closer than by sharing their experiences and learning about God together?

It’s called “Youth Camp” for a reason. Let the kids take (some) charge.

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