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Love One Another

By Ashley

So as I maneuvered the the rescue board off the hooks, brushed the dead mosquitoes off, and tossed it into the water for the lifeguards to practice their backboarding skills, one of them asked how long the pool was.  A few others laughed and poked fun at how the first didn't know despite working at the pool daily.  I smiled and asked them all, well how long is it then?  They all gave a different answer...

I saw a few life lessons in that moment, ones that I could clearly hear my parents' voices repeating over and over as if they were a parrot sitting on my shoulder:

  • Don't judge the the speck of dust in your neighbor's eye when there's a plank in your own eye
  • That's the pot calling the kettle black
  • He who judges others will be judged

It was in that simple, humorous moment that I'm reminded of God's mercy and grace.  It's my job, my mission, as a Christian to show the love of Christ to everyone; even if they ask silly questions ;)

John 5:12 "This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you."

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