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Let's Go Team

By Paul

The joy of getting away is so important when it comes to planning ahead. As leaders or planners we need to get away and "Seek God" for His direction and purpose. A Group Leader recently stated: "Even the grass looks greener and the food is amazing when it comes to offsite retreats."

Here are some important goals to set when you are offsite doing strategic planning.

  1. Ask real questions about your purpose for the next event or year. These real questions will help you locate some direction for your staff. Questions have a way to determine insight for the leader or planner. Hard questions such as: Where do we go from here? Why are we doing it this way or should we do it another way? Also, how can we make this happen soon.
  2. Seek out some fresh ideas from your team. Ideas that will help bring new desire and purpose. There is nothing like a fresh start or fresh idea. Even seek God for his "Fresh Touch" on our lives and plans. God will always answer as we seek Him Matthew 6:33.
  3. Knock on the door for new opportunities. God has a way of giving us new opportunities.  Maybe this new opportunity is a big surprise. Maybe it's something you have been praying for to happen. Allow yourself to dream a little and ask God for "New Strength".

The key for you now is to get away and plan an "Offsite Meeting". Have fun in your meeting and don't forget to laugh a lot during your time away.

What goals have you set for your off-site meetings?

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