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Marketing for Jesus

By Kayla

When people ask me what I do for a living, I laugh and say “Marketing for Jesus”.  The response is generally a tilted head and inquisitive expression.  Marketing is all about showing people why they need your product or service.  It is then the job of sales to lock that customer in.  So what do I mean by “Marketing Jesus”?  It’s not exactly trying to sell him, but rather an atmosphere and opportunity to embrace Him.

I often find myself writing about and sharing photos of all the wonderful things each of the Christian Retreats Network properties has to offer (tasty food, comfy lodging, and fun recreation), yet it is nothing in comparison to what we see happen.  While the venue and amenities are very important for a successful event, Jesus can speak to us anywhere.  The benefit to this kind of facility, though, is that it was built to comfortably accommodate guests in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

For some who visit us, they have never encountered Christ.  Others have been walking alongside Him their entire lives.  No matter where people are in their spiritual journey, a retreat like the ones we host can do wonders for their life.  We hear countless stories of guests who have changed their lives or even been called to ministry after an experience at camp or during a retreat.  Many have also been baptized.

You may be wondering why we do this or what my personal reasons are for taking on a job like this.  Well, as Christians we are called to spread the word of Christ.  Even though we are only a venue, we operate everything with Jesus in mind.  It’s indescribable, the feeling of being able to come to work every day and know that I am doing my part in the Lord’s work.  No, I’m not a pastor or a church leader, but I am a marketer of Jesus.

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” Psalms 96:3

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