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A Weekend Getaway

By Courtney

When sitting down and planning a retreat, sometimes it can look like there is no possibility of ever doing one.  But retreats don't always have to be week long events.  A weekend retreat can be just what your team, small group, or youth group needs.

Student, men's-only, & women's-only retreats are great ways to encourage and uplift your congregation and build lasting memories with peer-to-peer teaching seminars, small groups, and worship services.  While on retreat your group will also have the added bonus of getting time for recreation and team building.

Its not often that the men or women get to worship with a group of only their peers.  Often time youth groups have services for just the youth, but in many churches other age groups generally attend large group services or bible studies.  A retreat for the men's or women's ministry, a couples weekend, or family retreat can be incredibly memorable and special for your church.  It will have a lasting spiritual impact on your church!

As you begin to plan your retreat, be sure to include:

  • Gather a team to help plan & coordinate the event.
  • Spend time praying & seeking God as you choose a theme, set goals for the event, and divide up planning tasks.
  • Plan worship services tailored to the group (men, women, couples, etc.)  attending the retreat.  Seek to make the retreat services a special time for your attendees to praise God, seek His will, and develop a deeper understanding of Christ's love.
  • Consider including seminars, small groups, etc. that will help the group engage with one another and connect with their faith.
  • Consider adding team building to your retreat.  It facilitates new growth in friendships, key skills like communication, respect, and encouragement, and a great foundation for building trust.
  • Recreation & social time for your group to cement friendships.
  • Pray for your attendees before, during, after the retreat.  For example, if you're planning an event for students ask their parents to pray specifically for their child & their friends while they're away on the retreat.  This can be a great way for you to help parents and their students connect about their faith.

Why do you plan weekend retreats?

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