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Is ALL-inclusive really ALL-that much better?

By Ashley

All-inclusive deals naturally have higher price tags, but the extra cost might be well worth it.  As I search the travel magazines and blogs, the trend is all the same: travel experts agree that all-inclusive can actually help you have a more enjoyable getaway because you are not focused on the money.  Here are the top 5 benefits to all-inclusive packages:

  1. Everything is 'free' – Of course it's not free but all of your meals have been paid for in advance and now you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your event.  The fact that you're not pulling out your wallet to pay for every single meal makes the entire experience much more enjoyable. Event planners can easily tell their attendees the cost of the entire trip, nothing left out that they might have to research and plan for themselves.
  2. All-inclusive rates do tend to cost less than if you were going to bundle everything together on your own.  By purchasing lodging and meals through one retreat center, they tend to give a package where your meals are at-cost.  Compare this to eating out for all your meals where you are going to pay the at-cost plus some for the restaurant's profit.  Even at a fast food restaurant, the average meal costs around $4 to $5 per person; but do you really want fast food for all 6 meals on your weekend getaway?  At Christian Retreats Network, our all you can eat buffet dining serves multiple entrees, side dishes, salad bar, assorted desserts, and beverage center at lunch and dinner; hot breakfast entrees, side dishes plus assorted cereals, bagels, and fruit in the morning!  Your attendees would definitely be paying over $10/person for a meal like this at outside restaurants.
  3. Tips not needed!  At all inclusive conference and retreat centers, tips are not needed, nor accepted.  The staff doesn't need a tip; a great guest experience is uplifting enough.  The team members at Christian Retreats Network serve the guests in love (based from Galatians 5:13) and want to exceed their expectations.
  4. All-inclusive rates are easier – By bundling lodging and meals together, event planners don't have to research local restaurants and grocery stores; one less item to spend hours of planning on.  Event planners don't have to stress over their attendees finding restaurants, getting transportation to them, and if the nearby restaurants can handle the increased rush of diners from their event.  Everyone loves food, and a meal time is when relationships are built and memories are made.  Event planners know that if their attendees have an awful experience with their meals, that attitude will pour over into the rest of the event that planners have worked so hard to make a success.
  5. All-inclusive helps you stay on budget – Though some people claim all-inclusive is too expensive, I think they're not looking in the right places.  The hotel room, all meals, meeting space, and basic recreation are included in the packages at Christian Retreats Network!  The main costs are already taken care of in this package pricing, and the only things left to pay for are souvenirs or some outside shopping.

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