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Invitation Implications

By Kayla

Invitations: the very first impression for an event. It can say so much more than just the who, what, when, where, and how. A good invitation will get people excited and wanting to know more. A bad one, on the other hand, can send people running in the other direction. Here are 5 signs of a bad invite:

  1. It reeks of desperation:
    Leave a little mystery. Yes, the important details must be there in order to let guests know what they are being invited to, but don’t make them feel like they are in a television commercial. There’s no reason to use overly pushy headlines and catchy slogans or text. You aren’t selling cars. You are inviting people to an event.
  2. Writing a book:
    Keep it concise and make sure to have only the important details. As with the point above, there is no reason to put every minute detail on the invite, it won’t be big enough. Time, date, place, name of the event, special guests, and hosting organization are the critical elements that must be there.
  3. Bad design:
    20 fonts, every color in the spectrum, endless lines of text and an entire photo album of images, what a mess. You don’t have to be a professional designer. Keep it simple and make sure that your information is clear and visible. If you still want some help, our marketing team has put together some promotional pieces that are easy to edit. Click here to get designing.
  4. Typos, typos everywhere:
    Incorrect information can result in broken links or people arriving on the wrong day or at the wrong place. Not only does this result in confusion and misinformation, it also makes it look like the invite was done quickly and without concern or effort. Have someone else read through it. Use a grammar checking website. Triple check it to make sure that your invite says what you want it to say.
  5. Constant reminders:
    People forget. That’s just the way it is. Reminders are a great way to help ensure getting responses, but don’t overdo it. Give the people time to receive the invite, look it over, consider going, and respond. About a week or so after receiving the invites is a good time to send the follow-up message.

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