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Just Dance

By Kayla

Most people would agree that one of the hardest, yet most satisfying, jobs is being a mom. It’s a 24/7 gig with a never-ending job description. Even though you are doing amazing, you deserve a little break. A women’s retreat with your church or group sounds perfect, right? That’s because it is. Generally, when people think of retreats, they think of kids. However, retreats really are for anyone and everyone.

So, now that we’ve decided you are going on a women’s retreat, it is time to start planning. One of the toughest choices is recreation. All packages for the Christian Retreats Network properties have recreation included, but it is up to you to decide what activities you want to do. This can be tricky for a group, because you want everyone to participate, and many moms have gotten a little too comfortable with simply spectating (all those years of watching baseball and soccer games out in the freezing cold/blistering heat). Maybe you can find a sport everyone likes to play, or decide on a group hike. Both are great. Failing that, my suggestion would be a dance fitness class. This type of class is one of the top trends among women today. I know that you are on this retreat to relax and get away, but there are plenty of benefits to this.

Dancing is fun. Even if you have the rhythm of a one-legged hippo, you can still have a good time. It’s not about busting a move. It’s about getting moving. Just remember, that no one here is a professional. You are just an awesome group of ladies building relationships with one another.

It’s not about fitness. The idea here is to get your group moving and having fun together, not get ripped. Don’t let the idea of a fitness class scare members away. Assure them that it will be a fun activity, and that they are encouraged to simply do what they can.

Endorphins. Exercise produces endorphins in the brain which literally make you happy. This is why going for a run when upset can make you feel better. Aren’t you here to enjoy yourself? Why not do something that is physically guaranteed to make you happy?

It can be spiritual. One of my favorite ways to worship is through music. Why not dance to it? Play uplifting songs that make participants feel the power of God. Here are some examples of Christian music that will get your foot tapping.

Self image. Many women, especially as they grow older, lose confidence in themselves. A class like this, where participants are constantly encouraged, can do wonders. Also, once it is over, think about what you just accomplished. The idea is to not only build relationships, but also to build up one another.

If sports or the outdoors aren’t your group’s cup of tea, put on those dancing shoes. There are plenty of examples of songs and choreography online. If you really want to sweat, hire an instructor. Now, brush up on your dance moves and enjoy your women’s retreat. You deserve it!!

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