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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

By Ashley

So you have this great retreat planned out to the T!  You arrive at your event site and everything is working out and going as planned.  Then you realize that your outdoor recreation the next day is going to get rained out...  Now what do you do?  You have a 100 youth all wired up to get outside and participate in some recreation and you have to tell them they are stuck indoors due to weather.

Here are a few creative games you can incorporate in your back-up plan just in case you encounter a rainy day.  Check out more ideas in our Recreation Guide, click here to check it out!

Army, Navy, Hit the Deck

This simple game can be played with large groups in the outdoor fields, or with smaller groups in the gymnasium.  With simple instructions anyone can participate in this activity!  This game can be a great time filler if you're running ahead of schedule and need to keep your participants active and engaged.

  • Designate an 'Army' side and a 'Navy' side; using cones or an imaginary line
  • All players start by lining up on the 'Army' side
  • Referee calls out either 'Army' or 'Navy' and all players run to that side, and the last player to cross the line is out
  • Referee may call 'Hit the Deck' at any time and the last player to drop to the ground is out
  • Referee may call a change in direction at any time (this keeps slower runners in the game and can be a lot of fun to watch as players have to listen for the next direction)
  • If referee calls the side the group is already on, any player stepping out across the line is out
  • The last player remaining on the field wins (and can become the new referee)

All My Life's A Circle

This get to know you activity is great for smaller groups, and you can play it anywhere.  One person begins to tell the story of their life as they walk around an imaginary circle on the ground.  The members of the group follow along as the storyteller continues sharing some of the major events in their life.  Once this person has completed their story, the next person begins their story, walking in the opposite direction to alleviate dizziness.  Continue reversing directions until all members have had the opportunity to share.

  • For a fun variation: allow leaders to walk their own path rather than a circle
  • For shy participants: develop 5-10 questions that participants answer if they are too shy to talk on their own
  • This activity is taken from Find Something to Do! By Dr. Jim Cain

Toe Tag

This game can be played with 2-200 players, as long as it's an even number of players.  Two players stand back to back and on the count of 3, both players turn face to face.  They will then engage in a dance-like combat where each person attempts to tag a toe of their partner before one of their toes is tagged.

  • Remember you are to tag a toe, NOT stomp on a toe or foot
  • You can play the best of 3 rounds or the best of 5 rounds
  • This activity is taken from No Props by Project Adventure

Hula Hoop Relay

This game can be played with a group, no matter the size.  Line up two teams face-to-face with teammates holding hands.  Start at one end with a hula hoop and teams race to get the hoop to the other end, without releasing hands.

  • Large groups will see the 2 teams lined around rooms, parking lots, gyms, etc
  • Play some upbeat music to get participants excited
  • Add some challenges: if participants break hands then they have to start over or may be blind fold some participants

Blacklight Sports

  • Dodgeball
  • Bombardment
  • Bowling
  • Capture the Pin or Steal the Bacon
  • Human Ring Toss
  • Twister
  • Relay Race or Obstacle Course (using glow-in-the-dark or blacklight materials)

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