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Meet Kayla!

By Ashley

This week there has been a new face in the office! Kayla Crawford has joined the Network team and we asked her to share a little bit about herself to everyone; everyone, meet Kayla...

Once I graduated college it seemed that everyone had advice to give me about where to work, how to apply, and the important points on a resume. I couldn’t go anywhere without someone asking me if I had a job yet. It got quite tedious. I was doing my best, using job websites and looking through the classifieds, until one day I saw a listing that was about to change everything. Four people called me and one person sent me the listing (a sign maybe). I wasn’t sure if I was truly capable of working in a religion-based environment. I’ve always gone to church and had a relationship with God; it just wasn’t something I shared with everyone. My beliefs were dear to me and I liked to keep them close. However, my family, grandmother in particular, was really pushing for me to apply for this job. I believe her reasoning was that it would keep me close to home, but she says she thought it would be a good opportunity for me. So, I sent in my resume.

As a Raymond native, I have had the opportunity to visit Lake Williamson before, but only for the day, not for a stay. I have attended birthday parties and post proms in the Activities Center, but until my first interview, I had never entered another building on campus. This place always just seemed like a fun, activity-filled camp, like any other I had seen. However, I have realized it is so much more. Here is a place to grow and reconnect with God. Some of the first things I’ve seen and heard are about the life-changing events guests experience during their stay. Within my first few days I see that this will also be a life-changing experience for me. I may not know what lies ahead, but I do know I made the right choice by sending in that resume.

Hi! I’m Kayla Crawford, the newest member of the marketing team here at the Christian Retreats Network and I look forward to helping you with your retreat experience!

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