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Meeting the Need

By Kayla

Last week’s blogs addressed how to take care of a guest speaker at an event and how to keep meetings lively, but you may be wondering why you even need either of those things on a retreat. “Meeting” can be a scary word. After all, you are on a retreat, what do you want to go to meetings for? This is supposed to be a time to relax and bond with whom you came. But, the retreat center has provided you with a meeting space (complimentary at all 7 of our Christian Retreats Network properties) so you have to fill it somehow.

Just because it is called a meeting space, doesn’t mean that you actually have to have a long, boring, serious meeting. Here’s a list of fun ideas for using your meeting space:

Bible study. Find verses that address the topic/reason for your event and discuss them with the group. This is a good time to really dive deep into the meaning of the scripture. Getting everyone talking about why you are on a retreat can really increase the impact of it.

Ice breaker. Kick off your event with an activity that gets everyone acquainted and working together. For ice breaker ideas, check out our blog “Break the Ice.”

Guest speaker. If the event has a topic/theme, hire a professional speaker who can address it. Even though the planner may have ideas on the topic, having a stranger speak could address new views or explain the content in a more understandable way.

Worship band. Many worship bands travel the country performing for churches and groups. Getting one to come to your event can really give it some pop, and possibly interest more people in coming if they like the band. Better yet, if members of your group play, have them lead the group in some songs. One of the most fun ways to worship is through music. Turn it up, belt it out, and praise the Lord.

If you happen to have things about the church that do need discussed, this is a good time. Being away from the church and committees within, can give members some time to address what they really want out of the church. This could be group outings, Sunday school classes, volunteer work, or repairs on the church itself. We all know that times change, and churches must keep up. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting. Simply asking members what their church needs are and where they see it in 10 years can be a great starting point.

The meeting space, and AV equipment in it, is complimentary. Take advantage and make your retreat the best it can be.

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