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Activities for the Inactive

By Heath

We have all been there before. Throughout our lives, we have been exposed to others who take sports and living an extremely active lifestyle seriously. Whether it was back in elementary school when your classmates turned every flag football game into the Super Bowl or when you were recently running errands and saw a bicyclist pedaling down the road, we simply cannot remove ourselves from people who are more active than us.

The same can be said for your group while planning an off-site retreat. As an event planner, you might be concerned about how you are going to make your retreat fun for everyone, especially guests who are not fond of active activities.

As a person who loves sports and being active, I can even admit that the first aspect I think about when it comes to retreats is the physical recreation involved. From playing volleyball to hiking miles upon miles around the grounds, retreat centers seem to be overflowing with activities that are only for the athletic type. However, intense, sweat-dripping games aren’t the only way to get guests involved. There is an array of activities that will allow all your guests to feel included and have the time of their lives.

Soak Up the Sun: While planning a retreat that is engaging for all, there are many great activities to get your group outside and having fun. Hungry? Schedule a picnic or barbeque as a part of your retreat. This will not only fuel your group, but also give them the chance to mingle. Other exciting outdoor activities for your group could include going on a hayride or having a bonfire to sing and laugh together while enjoying the cool night’s air. If it is too hot, always make sure to cool down by taking a quick dip in the pool or lake!

Stay in and Relax: On top of outdoor activities, it is important to include activities that allow your group some time to unwind inside. Guests can make the most out of their trip by playing a variety of indoor games that do not cause them to work up a sweat, such as foosball, board games, table tennis, billiards, and air hockey. Grabbing some snacks and putting on a movie is another fun and relaxing activity. Make sure to take advantage of your meeting space as well! Whether it is a rocking worship service in the auditorium or trivia night in the cafe, you can be sure your guests will be eager to participate. You also may want to consider a craft or workshop that allows guests to make something. What a great reminder of their retreat experience!

See? Planning the perfect event is not as overwhelming as you thought. There are countless activities available for each one of your guests. Make sure to take the time to gather some ideas on what activities your guests prefer and then get in touch with the venue to plan the most ideal and memorable event.

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