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Motel-Style Vs Dorm-Style

By Deanna

People who stay at a Christian Retreats Network property property have the choice between motel-style and dorm-style.  There seems to be a lot of confusion between the two.  So, today I would like to discuss the difference between the two and what Lake Williamson has to offer.

Motel-Style:  Williamson Lodge is the main location for motel-style lodging.  However, we're up for anything here at Lake Williamson!  So, if you need this type of accommodation in one of our other buildings, it never hurts to ask. 

When you first arrive in a motel-style room at Williamson Lodge, you will find both full beds neatly made (with a mattress pad, sheets, blanket, comforter, and two pillows).  Each of the twin beds (bunk bed) will have a mattress pad, blanket, sheets, and pillow setting at the foot of the bed.  The rooms are supplied with four bath towels, four hand towels, four wash cloths, and one bath mat.  If your group plans to sleep more than four people per room, it would be a good idea to notify us before your arrival so we can place additional towels in the room. These rooms also have an ice bucket, cups, telephone, alarm clock, and remote control for the television.  Housekeeping will provide room service each day of your stay (except the day of your departure).  At room service you can expect housekeeping to neatly remake all beds that were slept in, remove dirty towels and trash, and restock room with clean towels, toilet paper, and cups.

Dorm-Style: Any building can be placed to Dorm-Style.  Clark Hall, Parkside, and Lakeside are almost always Dorm-Style.  In this type of setup, there are no towels or bedding provided; guests bring their own.  This can be a more economical choice.

If you are staying in a dorm-style room, keep in mind the vast variety of beds we have on grounds; queen, full, and twin.  Bringing the largest size sheets will fit any bed; a sleeping bag works wonderfully.  The worst scenario is bringing twin sheets and finding out you've been assigned a queen or full bed!  Therefore, if you are in a dorm room, try to find out what type of bed you'll be assigned to.  If you're unable to find that out, plan on bringing a sleeping bag or the larger size sheets!

It's a good idea to bring a few extra towels to throw down in front of the showers.  When several people are staying in the same room, taking showers, changing swim wear, etc. it's nice to have some towels setting outside the showers to catch all the extra water.

Dorm-style rooms at Williamson Lodge are supplied with an alarm clock; however, Clark Hall, Lakeside, and Parkside do not have clocks.  The ice bucket, cups, telephone, and television remote control are removed from Williamson Lodge when selecting Dorm-Style.

Housekeeping will provide room service each day of your stay (except the day of your departure).  At room service housekeeping will remove trash and replenish your supply of toilet paper and brown towels.  Beds are not made.

If you're a Group Planner, keep in mind the rooms at Williamson Lodge all have television service; whereas, the other buildings do not.  We are able to disconnect television services at Williamson Lodge, just let us know if you want that done.

What amenities make or break your event experience?

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