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Rooming List

By Kayla

I like to consider myself an organized person. I always have a plan and try my best to make sure everything is covered before starting anything. If you have or are planning a retreat, I’m sure you’ve discovered the stress and chaos it can cause, especially for large groups. All of us here at the Christian Retreats Network have decided to put ourselves in your shoes and make the perfect planning download; The Rooming List.

This excel template combines a registration list, payments, rates, lodging and contact all in one. There is one for every Christian Retreats Network property, each with its own unique lodging layouts. Let me give you a little breakdown of what this document does.

The first sheet is instructions to help explain each section. The second is “Registration Information.” This page is where everything gets filled in, including name, room number, add-ons and payment information. The room numbers are included in a drop down list to ensure no typos cause someone to be left room-less. Formulas filter in the costs, so that you don’t have to individually type each one. In the interest of lining up rows, the name columns have been locked in place so that they are always visible. That way you don’t have to hold your finger on the row and scroll across to make sure you are typing the information for the correct person. Plus, it totals the cost for each person and has a place to say if and how they paid. There's no need to keep the payment on a separate list.

The next sheet is for the rates. These can be found on your contract or what you calculated in your budget. Simply input those values, and the formulas will transfer them into the registration section.

The following sheets are all of the lodging options for that property. The layout of these pages is similar to the layout of the building. For example, two rooms listed next to each other are next to each other in the building. The formulas automatically place registrants into their room as the room numbers are filled in on the Registration Information sheet. If too many people are placed in a room, an overbooking warning will appear in red. The nice thing is you can easily see that you accidentally put the Smith twins in the same room, when they asked to be separated. Printing the rooming sheets out for your event can also help with registration, so that guests have a better idea of where they are going.

We know that rooming assignments and keeping everyone’s information together can be challenging. This visual document will help you to see just what your stay will look like. Plus, it does all of the organizing work for you. You can download a copy under the property’s folder on our Downloads page. If you have any questions, our team is available to help guide you through it.

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