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Running on Empty

By Dennis

Hi, my name is Dennis, I work at a Christian Conference Center and I would like to just share some thoughts with you.

Everyone has goals or hopes for their life. What are yours for your faith, family and church family? Did you every think that you needed to get away so you can fill your spiritual gas tank? I mean come on, we all seem to have too much to do everyday, there is just no time to stop and get away. There is just is not enough hours in the day. You'll think that it just don't have any time until maybe your kids are grown or you can retire. Well think again, I have talked with many of my retired friends and they say that they are so busy now, they don't know how they had time to work before.

So another day goes by, then a month, then a year and you are just as busy then if not more so then ever. You can feel your spiritual gas tank getting lower and lower and some days you know you are running on just fumes. At those times you might start thinking that maybe you can hang on and keep your Christian spirit going if it just wasn't for those darn people. As soon as that thought crosses you mind, it hits you, those darn people are the ones you care about the most.

Take a few moments and think "What really are the most important things to me". Do you hear that little quite voice inside, that last little drop of "spiritual fuel" saying? Take the time to invest in me and I can give you renewed strength and real purpose for your life.

Want to know a way to accomplish this, the little known secret to restore, renew and reconnect with the Spirit that already lives inside you.

What ways do you re-fuel your spiritual gas tank?

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