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By Kayla

The dictionary describes smart as “having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability.” This is, of course, referring to a person. However, nowadays, “smart” describes a multitude of objects, such as phones, watches, appliances, TVs, etc. Most group leaders think that these smart devices hinder their event, and even try to prevent attendees from using them. However, harnessing the power of these objects can actually make the event much better.

For starters, people today are obsessed with social media. Most, also, have their social media accounts linked to their cell phones. They can post statuses and photos from the event which lets others know how it went. Having guests show others what a great time they are having, only increases the chance that more people will attend the next one. Plus, you may get some great pictures to use for future marketing.

One of the coolest new trends for events is the use of a drone. For those of you unfamiliar with it, a drone is kind of like a remote control helicopter, only more sophisticated and it shoots video. That being said, imagine the awesome footage you could get from up in the air for your next promo video. It also is a great way to look at all the parts of a large event. When there are multiple things going on, a drone can fly over everything and show it in real time.

We are only scratching the surface for what technology can do for an event. Just like Elsa in Frozen, don’t fear the power, learn to control it. Don’t worry about your tech knowledge. There are probably plenty of people in your group who know how to use it. For more tips and tricks check out our magazine, which has many articles about using technology to enhance the event experience.

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