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There's another App for That!

By Karen

Check out last issue's "There's an App for That!"  here.  This original article was created to help event planners harness the power of social media in their events.  It got such great response, we compiled this second I present "5 MORE apps for that!"

1. Aurasma
Aurasma is the world's leading augmented reality platform. Available as a free app for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices or as a  kernel for developers, Aurasma uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called "Auras".

2.  Evernote
You have some cool ideas and a great team ready to get busy, but delegation   and execution can be tough. Think of this app as your mobile filing cabinet; organize your venue research notes, coordinate travel itineraries, and quickly share notes with members of your team. Sync this app across multiple devices to ensure that no man (or file) is left behind.

3. Heytell
Communication with your team is key for running your event smoothly, so being in touch at all times is necessary.  Blend old school cool with new school tech with Heytell, an app that turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. When you need something even snappier than texting or email, get the app, choose a contact and start talking. Over!

4. Hootsuite
There is going to be tons of tweeting, posting, liking, and checking in before and during your event.  To easily manage all your social channels, use Hootsuite to create streams and stay up to speed with the buzz surrounding the event content. Schedule posts in advance to allow time to manage the other aspects of your event.

Really engage your audience with this web-based Q&A and polling platform for live events that makes it super easy for everyone in the audience to ask questions and vote on live polls via their phones, tablets or computers.

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