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Step 3: Scheduling

By Kayla

Now that the dates and venue are secured, it is time to start filling your event schedule. This includes dining, recreation, and meetings. All-inclusive venues, like all of our Christian Retreats Network properties, include all of these things in the package. The only thing you have to do is fill in the specifics.

  • Find speakers, presenters and/or worship band. This one may take a little research. Look for someone who is going to fit in with the needs of your event. Specifically for speakers, there are many that specialize in certain topics or in talking to certain groups, i.e. women, men, kids. Make sure to discuss the group demographics and time details with them so that they can better prepare. Ask about their cost and availability on the dates of your event. For more tips on finding someone, check out our blog Taking Care of Your Speaker.
  • Find ice breakers, bible studies, team building, and recreation activities that correspond to the theme. You chose a theme for a reason. Get filling your event time with tasks that will support and promote the goals of the event.
  • Make the schedule. Fill in times for meetings, workshops, games, team building and meals. Depending on the length of the event, make sure to spread out and split up similar activities. Don’t have one day of only recreation and one of only meetings. Be sure to leave room for some uninterrupted personal time, too. Here is where your organization skills will be put to the test. Create a checklist of all your activities and a timeline of your stay. As you add to your timeline, make sure to check the activities off the list.

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