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Step 4: Promote, Promote, Promote

By Kayla

You’ve got the event booked, now you just need the people. It’s time to promote! They say “the more, the merrier,” but unless people know that your event is actually happening, they aren’t going to be attending. Get a little creative and start bringing in guests.

  • Create a registration form. This can be done as a paper copy or online. Either way, it will help you stay organized when signing people up to attend. Just don’t make it a general signup sheet in the foyer. Making your own form ensures that you get the information you need and guests can know what to expect. We have created a sample form to help get you started.
  • Use a guest list. After making your form for people to sign up, you will need a list to keep track. We have created a rooming list for each of our properties (found under the property’s resources page). These lists include contact information, rates, payments and rooming sheets that visually put guests’ names into the appropriate rooms, making it easier than ever to keep track of everyone. There is even a 911 list to bring with you to the venue in case of emergencies.
  • Mail and/or email informational flyers, brochures or newsletters. Make sure to include the sponsoring organization, dates, place, speakers, contact information, and event name. Needing a little help with the promotional material? Our marketing team has designed easy-to-edit templates.
  • Create an event page on social media. This is a great place for promotion, announcements and reminders. Many people have made their way to the online world. Some of the pros of this form of marketing are that it is quick, saves paper and mailing, is updatable, and possesses a discussion based aspect. BE INTERACTIVE! Add polls, quizzes, contests, photos and videos to bring guests into the mix before they even get to the event.
  • Set deadlines. In order to get things organized in a timely manner, deadlines must be met. Those who don’t meet the deadline are probably not that serious about going to the event anyway.

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