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Should I already be planning for next year?

By Kayla

Yes!! It’s never too early to start planning anything. The key to a successful event is organization. Once your event has been finalized, it is important to start booking for next year. Here’s why:

  • Retain same dates. Did this time of year work well for everyone? Was the weather good for the activities you wanted to do? If you and your guests like the timeframe of your event, you may want it to become an annual thing around that time. Unfortunately, if you wait, there is a good chance that other groups have already filled that space.
  • Give guests the chance to pre register for next year. If they had fun this time, they will be eager to go back. Plus, if you could give pre registrants a special rate, then they will really come back. Getting people signed up early also helps the venue. They can make sure of securing activities and rooms that will fit your group size.
  • Less stress. Build on the momentum of the event you just finished. All pros and cons will still be fresh in your mind, so it will be easier to adjust for them than 6 months from now when you can’t remember any details. Plus, the venue has all your booking information and activities from this time, so a simple rebooking form could save tons of time by adjusting what you just did instead of starting from scratch.

You may still be worn out from planning the last event, but getting the team back together immediately and starting to plan again can save a lot of hassle, and possibly help make a more successful next event.

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