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Singles Retreat

By Kayla

I tend to think of myself as a strong, independent person. I like doing things on my own. When it comes to retreats, many are catered to a specific group based on age, gender, or relationship status. However, I find as a young, single woman, that most women’s retreats cater to ladies with a ring on her finger. Many focus on the Lord’s calling in the role of wife and mother. Seeing as in I am neither (hopefully someday that will change), these retreats don’t do much for me. If you have a large young adult population in your church or would like to bring more young adults to Christ, a singles retreat may be just the thing.

The post childhood, pre marriage stage can be a trying time for people. There are so many transitions in life. You are trying to discover who you are, all while establishing your own way. This can be a time of discouragement, misunderstanding and failure. Unfortunately, this can also be a time to leave the church. Maybe the church doesn’t offer anything catered to young adults, or they are living on their own and no longer coming to church with the family. Use this retreat to encourage them to continue to do God’s work. A singles retreat can help to promote the work the Lord is doing in a person’s life and to encourage everyone to have both a stronger relationship with God and self.

A couple of things to think about when planning a retreat like this are speakers, meetings, and lessons. There really are speakers out there for any topic. A quick internet search will bring up a list of speakers who specialize in ministering to single adults. As for meetings and lessons, there are so many opportunities, like defining identity, the importance of relationships, living to serve God, loving as Christ loved us, chasing what matters, Jesus was single, dating and marriage in today’s world, etc.

This is an important group in the church, and it is important to make sure they have as many opportunities as other groups. Remember, these are the church leaders of tomorrow, and the ones that may actually have the time and skills to truly accomplish ministry, both in the church and out. Utilize them to grow and work in the church.

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

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