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Snap Story Advanced

By Kayla

Now that you’ve got the basics of making a Snap Story, are you ready to really dive into the creative possibilities? Good, because this blog is going to talk about adding effects, music, and other cool elements to your video.

As you may have noticed when playing around with Snapchat, there are many cool effects you can add right on your snap. Swiping left or right adds filters. The general ones are black/white and the time. In certain geographical locations, you may also find Geofilters. For video snaps, there are filters for speeding up and slowing down. The best news is that these come standard on the app. Another feature includes adding text. This can be done by touching the “T” at the top right. Then simply type in your text and move it around on the screen. In addition to text, you can also add stickers. This is the rectangle type button by the text option. If you’d rather draw your own, simply click on the little pencil and choose from a rainbow of colors. Just use your finger to color. When finished, you will have your very own “snapsterpiece.”

Once you’ve got all the snaps together it is time to sort them by theme. It is important to share with viewers each of the theme names. Therefore, titles can be used to separate and name each section. Some apps will allow you to make title slides in the program. However, if you really want to get creative with it, you can make your own in photo editing software like Photoshop. Just make sure the picture is the right size (1080x1920 pixels) so that it matches all the snaps. Better yet, make the titles using a snap picture. The sky is the limit on these; just make sure you include the theme name somewhere.

It’s always good to start any form of presentation with a title. That way, viewers know what they are in for. A good title, for example, would be the organization name followed by “Snap Story.” This can be put over a picture, logo, or solid colored background.
Like the title, it is important to have something that gives finality to the project. After all, you are making a movie, so there must be some credits at the end. Most video editing software includes rolling credits. All you have to do is fill in the names.

Add music. Even the best looking video can be boring if there is no audio accompanying it. If your snaps already have audio in them, that’s great, use it. If they don’t, music would be the perfect filler. Just like the credits, many apps come with music samples you can use, or add your own. I would suggest using instrumental music only, so that it doesn’t take away from the video. Make sure to lower the volume of the music for snaps that have their own audio. It takes a little guess and check to get the right balance.

Just like with every skill, it takes practice to get good. Play around with the editing. Remember that everything can be undone, so don’t worry about messing up. Before long, you will be a video editing expert. We can’t wait to see your “snapsterpieces.”

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