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Snap Story Benefits

By Kayla

Our last two blogs were all about how to make a Snap Story, but haven’t explained why you need one in the first place. So, if you’ve already been working on one, great, and if not, maybe this will convince you.

Before I really dive into the Snap Story benefits, I would first like to talk about how groups promote. Many organizations take recurring retreats. Each time they may change the topic, venue, or activities, but generally it is something members can count on having. Therefore, in order to promote the event and try to get more people to go next time, they may make a promo video. This is always a good way to show how great the event is. However, getting someone with a camera to shoot all the footage and edit it in some complicated video editing software can be a hassle. The last thing you want is the promo video taking away from the actual event.

That is where the Snap Story comes in. This kind of video can be a great way to promote your next event or share the one you just had with the rest of your group that didn’t attend.


• Everyone participates. One person doesn’t have to do all the work.
• No skill required. Anyone can push a button to take a picture.
• The video comes from the participants’ points of view. People tend to have a style or a certain way they create/view things. This allows the video to be all mixed up with everyone’s personal flair.
• It gets members involved and really paying attention to the event. Since they are “hunting” for the perfect snap, they must be attentive to find it.
• Most people have smart phones or tablets to use the app. Especially if you are hosting a young group, the odds are that almost all of them have the app already.
• Snapchat is free, and so are multiple video editing apps.
• There is no difficult video editing, because all of the material is one size and format, since it all comes from the same app. Simply drag and drop the snaps into order.
• All work can be done on a phone, which everyone already has. No need for a computer or fancy cameras.
• It only takes 10 seconds or less per video. (Snapchat only allows up to 10 second videos.) Therefore, barely any time will be taken up while capturing.
• We live in a techy world, might as well embrace it.
• It’s fun!!!!

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