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Taking the lead!

By Ashley

There are two kinds of leaders: those who naturally lead, and those given the title of “leader.” Unfortunately, the two are not always synonymous.

Whether it’s a school classroom or adult leadership team, a quality facilitated team building program, like the ones offered at our properties, help groups unleash and capitalize on the leadership potential within any team. Many groups are surprised when the opportunity to work outside of assigned titles reveals a new group dynamic.

Here are 4 ways incorporating team building into your next retreat can help your group “take the lead”:

  1. Identify potential leaders within the group.
  2. Shift focus from self-success to group-success.
  3. Draw out the pillars of team leadership: Communication, Respect, Encouragement, Safety, and Trust.
  4. Recognize negative leadership traits and make corrective steps.

“I had no idea ‘David’ was capable of that kind of leadership until he took charge on your course.”
-Lisa, Middle-school teacher

“Watching the power struggle that took place showed me who are the true leaders in my group, and who just wants to be in charge.”
-Christine, Company Supervisor

“When you put those two boys together, I was certain there would be trouble. Instead, I saw cooperation, encouragement and problem-solving skills that I had never seen before .”
-Steven, High School Teachers

“At some point I realized this wasn’t about me getting through the challenge. It was about getting my team there with me.”
-Karen, College Student

“After the [high ropes] experience, he has become a leader to other youth in our community.”
-Mark, Youth Pastor

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