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Top Three Summer Camp Themes for the Youth

By Heath

With summer camps kicking off soon, there are many reasons to make kids excited about attending a week filled with worship. There will be lively music, tasty dining, fun recreation, and not to mention the most interesting part: unique themes. After some brainstorming and researching, we have compiled our own short list of exciting summer camp themes for you to consider in the future.

Love Your #Selfie

A large number pre-teens and teens today face challenges when it comes to self-esteem. In today’s digital age, children are exposed to an abundance of information that tells them how to dress, what to eat, and even who to hang out with in order to be seen a certain way by others. While different media sources do have their good, a lot of the information that is shared makes people look down on themselves as if they are not “the best.” But do other people’s opinions really matter as much as God’s? No. God created us to be beautiful in His eyes, and that’s all that truly matters.

Have your guests appreciate God’s work during summer camp by letting them take selfies of themselves and with their friends all week long. This will not only provide them with the opportunity to share their experience online or reflect back on the memories made, but it will also allow them to visualize just how significant they are as His children.

Christmas in July

We all know the true meaning of Christmas, so who says we can’t celebrate His story again in the middle of the summer? With a Christmas in July theme, the youth can learn how to praise Him and share His love for others by giving back and engaging in service. Through lessons and activities, you can teach the youth about the importance of not only giving to those they love but also to those in need. Many young children do not know that much about extreme poverty around the world. While they do not need to become economic scholars at camp, it is important for them to know about donating, volunteering, and participating in missionary efforts in order to provide the gospel to those who need it most. This would be an excellent opportunity to partner with missionaries who could speak at your summer camp!

Follow, Like, and Share

When it comes to social media, we follow our favorite TV stars, like a funny dog video, and share a post about a new recipe. Shouldn’t we be doing more of that with God too? Since so many of the youth are glued to their devices, have them disconnect by telling them what it really means to be a Christian. Social media and Christianity actually have a lot in common, and it’s important for children to see that connection. To live fully in Him, teach your youth that Christians must “follow” God with all of our hearts, read and “like” (love) all of the content that is “posted” in His newsfeed, the Bible, and “share” His glory with others so they, too, can become followers. #JesusIsMyHomie

Considering these themes and any that you come across in your own search, you can guarantee that the youth will have a blast at their next summer camp, make memories, and leave with a new perspective on their relationship with Christ. Plus, you will definitely be the coolest retreat planner ever if you have a theme the kids will talk about for a lifetime!

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