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Use a retreat to jumpstart something else

By Kayla

Is your church going through changes? Is there a new bible study or group forming? Programs and series change throughout the year. Some churches don’t hold Sunday School or youth group during the summer, but instead reserve it for during the school year. If there is anything new happening at your church, a great way to kick it off is with a retreat. Here’s why:

People can meet others looking to join, without having to jump straight into the program. An event provides the opportunity for ice breakers and bonding that may be lost otherwise. Even if group members already know each other, this event can help give them an idea of who else is interested, which may peak their interest even more.

It is an invitation to join the program/group. Yeah, you can put announcements in the bulletin or newsletter about how a new Bible study group will start meeting on Thursday nights, but is that really enough to get people to want to attend? It’s not much of an invitation. An event invitation, as well as the event itself, can help to let people know that you want them there.

It gives potential people a better idea of what they are getting into. Maybe you thought of a really cool name for your group, but it doesn’t exactly explain what it is. During a retreat, you can give guests a taste of what this new thing is all about. With a better understanding, they can make the proper decision as to whether or not it is something for them.

Event kickoff ideas:

  • Back to school
  • Start of summer
  • New Bible study series
  • Revamp of youth group or Sunday School
  • New church group (such as men’s prayer breakfast or moms of ministry, any kind of group that will meet on a regular basis)

It can be hard to get into the routine of something. If your church is looking to start something new, try an off-site event to kick it off the right way. Check out our free planning and promotional resources here!  Or discover the 7 properties in our Network for your next event destination!

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