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Ways to Use Social Media

By Courtney

This week I have been talking about how to use Social Media at your event and the benefits of doing so.  Today, I want to discuss a few other tricks with using social media.

Use social media as a place to share photos. With the event that I covered, I took over 1,000 photos.  Now I didn't post all of the photos to social media.  But I did post the best of the ones I took.  Facebook has this cool option where you can download pictures.  Now they aren't in high resolution as the original photo, but if you are using this option to just share the photos, it is a great tool.

Use a survey or poll to get feedback. Doing a survey or poll after or even during your event can give you great feedback.  Ask questions like "What would you like to see next year?", "What was your favorite part this year?", etc.  The answers to your question can help you start planning for your next event.   The last thing you want to do is a copycat event if things didn't work the first time.

Use # hash tags.  With twitter, this is a great tool.  For the event that I did, we created a hash tag specifically for that event.  So every time someone posted about the event, they would add the hash tag.  When you use hash tags, your posts go to a page where everyone can see all of the posts with that hash tag.

No matter what type of event you are planning, social media can be a huge FREE tool that your organization could benefit from.  Just remember to have fun with the posts.  Social media is more for the quick fun posts rather than the serious long posts.

What ways have you used facebook or twitter to help promote or plan your next event?

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