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By Ashley

Wearables, often associated with Internet of Things, can include smart watches, smart bracelets, smart name badges, and wearable beacons. Fueled by fitness bands, the release of the Apple Watch, and Walt Disney Worlds’ magic bands wearables are becoming mainstream. In the way that smartphones are already transforming the attendee experience at tradeshows and events, other wearable smart devices tapping into IoT will bring a new level of convenience; avoiding the “fumble factor” of digging out phones from our pockets and purses.

Smart name badges and bracelets using RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC (near field communication), or beacons (or a combination of the above) are increasingly used at events in a number of ways:

  • receive GPS directions
  • receive directions through a convention facility/exhibition hall
  • track exhibit booths visited.
  • enable automated check-in for registration/meeting rooms
  • open guest room doors
  • make e-wallet transactions that are faster and more secure than credit cards
  • receive conference alerts
  • use as admission tickets
  • make audience polling responses
  • exchange contact/lead retrieval information
  • record and track continuing education unit (CEU) credits
  • post automatically (user initiated) to twitter and other social channels of activities, photos, quotes, etc.

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