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What is Your Mom Worth?

By Kayla

A few Mother’s Days ago, the sermon at church was “What is your mom worth?” The pastor talked about all the things our moms do for us. Then he talked about how much mom is worth based on all those things. It was interesting to think about. Could you really put a price on Mom? It’s not just that she gives us food and makes sure we are clean, but all the emotional support she gives, too. Not to mention everything she went through just to bring you into this world (um, childbirth, ouch!). She loves you enough to give her life to you, without asking for anything in return. All mothers are a representation of Jesus, who came to serve, not be served.

So I sat in the pew and thought about my mother’s worth. She has always been a big part of my life, so she’s definitely worth something. During my reflection, the pastor asked again what a mother was worth, and the little 3 year old boy in front of me, entertaining himself with a game, said “$100.” Based on his enthusiasm, I took that to mean that she was worth a lot.

However, I personally think the answer is priceless. Whether it be your actual mother, grandmother, stepmother, or any other great woman in your life, you really can’t put a price on her. That deep, unconditional love is hard to beat. After all, it is Mother’s Day, because it is not a celebration of all mothers, just the very best one, your own. So, make sure to hug that special woman tight this Sunday and let her know just how much she is worth to you.

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