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That's Not What Was Advertised...

By Courtney

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an advertisement for something that looks really awesome but when you rush out to buy it, it is nothing like what you saw in the ad. This happens all the time. A while back, I was reading an advertisement insert for one of the stores in my area. I saw an ad for a tool that will help you paint around the edges of your wall. Now I love to paint. But when it comes to edging, I am not the greatest. So after reading how this tool would help you get the job done in minutes with no mess, I was excited. I went out and bought the tool, which was $15. I thought spending a little extra would be worth it if I can get the job done with no mess and in minutes! Long story short, when I started using the tool I think I had more paint on me and on the floor than on the wall.

Misleading your customers can do more damage than you think. I know I will never buy a product from the company that made the edger. And I will never recommend that product to any of my family or friends. Personal testimonies can be a deciding factor on whether or not to attend an event.

This applies to promoting your retreat as well. You don't want to promote something you will never be able to supply. For example, don't promote there will be indoor pool time if your hosting facility doesn't even have an indoor pool. Before you even start to promote your event, get with the host and find out what amenities they have to offer. That way when you go to start promoting your event, you have everything listed out.

Many times, companies will use pictures that don't even represent their end product. You see this a lot with food. I know I have seen several advertisements for hamburgers where the burger is thick and juicy. When I actually ordered the burger, it came out flat as paper. Never use photos that don't actually represent the site where you will be hosting your event. When your guests arrive, they will notice the differences. Again, get in contact with the property you will using and see if they have photos you can use in your advertisements.

A key thing to remembers is to be truthful in everything you promote. You don't want to lose a potential guest over something as silly as a misleading photo.

What ways has false advertising affected your view on a place or product?

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