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You've Got Video Content From Your Event...

By Ashley

You've Got Video Content From Your Event. Now What?!

After months of preparation, your event has drawn to a close. Turnout was high, the speakers captivating, and – most importantly – the attendees left satisfied. Great! Time for a vacation. Uh, not so fast. Right now is the time to build off the momentum from this event to get people thinking about the next one.

Video is one of, if not the most effective way to reach your audience on social media. Especially now that Facebook has adopted a practice similar to Vine where videos automatically play, catching people's attention with a well edited video could very well be the key to the growth of your event.

When it comes time to start marketing your video content, there are three groups of people you need to target.

1. Attendees – A satisfied guest is your best marketer. Send a direct message or email to all attendees thanking them for their participation and include links to share the video with them. Also, thank your supporters in a social media post that include the video. This way, if they haven't already shared the video, it will show up on their wall giving them the opportunity to "like" it, thus sharing it on their friends' walls.

2. No-shows – Reach out to those who signed up but didn't make it. Give them a look at what they missed. FOMO is real and you want them to think twice before missing out again.

3. Everyone else – Who do you know that might benefit from your content?  Be discerning – the last thing you want to do is spam people who won't find it relevant. Quality always wins over quantity.

We have found that speakers are great advocates of your event and its content (as they are in it) so why not ask them to tweet and share their talks with their network and community as well?

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