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The Team Planner

By Kayla

Over the years, we have seen our fair share of retreat planners. Some are the Michael Jordans of planning, while others could use a little work. Considering your experience, what type of planner do you think you are? If your life motto is, “Team work makes the dream work,” you can definitely label yourself “The Team Planner.”

As The Team Planner, you can feel reassured knowing that there are great strengths that come from working in a team rather than individually. Despite these types of planners being a strong asset to the entire planning process, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be a few bumps in the road that arise before your event.


The Team Planner is usually a chatter box, delegating tasks and checking in on the progress of each.  This is good!  Minor details slipping through the cracks can be enough to make a whole event crumble.  Additionally, this means more brainstorming, especially if there are multiple Team Planners seated around the table.  More people throwing out ideas can lead to more creativity, as well as feedback based on personal event experience.  As they say, “the more the merrier”.


Being given one or a certain set of tasks means being able to focus solely on accomplishing that one or few things.  There’s no distraction or retracing steps, because minimal feats being tackled one at a time ensures everything gets done for the bigger plan.  Just like puzzle pieces, fitting two together over and over eventually gives you a finished picture.  The person in charge of registration doesn’t have to worry about scheduling the worship band, because they know somebody else has that covered.


Oftentimes Team Planners struggle in adapting when things change.  For example, a person assigned to the marketing sub-team is not prepared to jump over to recreation activities if that area is behind.  It isn’t always better for everyone to have a hand in everything, but they have to be able to quickly pick up where others are falling short.  It’s “a Jack of all trades is a master of none”.  As long as someone knows where each scheduling point is, there shouldn’t be any problems bringing it all together.

Any Team Planner will argue that the only way to pull off a successful event is by utilizing a team effort.  This works 90% of the time.  Unfortunately, the biggest determinate is the quality of the individuals making up that team. 

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