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The Organized Planner

By Paul

Making plans and staying organized is so important for a successful event of any size. The characteristics of this type of planner (known as The Organizer) are as follows.  So get out your pen and paper, because if this is you, we know you will want to write this down.

Looking ahead

The Organizer is not one to wait until the last minute to book an event.  They are prepared a year or more out from the event date.  Being organized means giving yourself plenty of time to make things happen.  These are generally people that don’t do well in a time crunch.  Therefore, planning plenty of time in advance allows for securing of desired dates and venue, as well as having plenty of time to adjust if something goes wrong.

Taking notes

Sticky notes and agendas are your best friend.  Having a printed schedule of events as a handout for guests (and yourself) does wonders at keeping everything in check.  Don’t be afraid to number things or use a color code system to keep things in order.  There are a lot of aspects to planning (food, worship, lodging, recreation, etc.) and you need to keep each section together.

Guest list

Using a list for people attending with a payment record is very helpful.  Even before unloading the vehicles, you will know who is supposed to be there and in which room.  Knowing and being able to direct everyone to where they need to go will not only help you, but also keep the stress off attendees who are just trying to enjoy the event.  This is also a great tool for volunteers, who can point guests in the right direction. 


As successful as this planner sounds, it is not perfect.  Many people with this type of organized mindset have issues sharing, i.e. letting others help plan.  They feel the need to have their hands in everything, and can be untrusting of team members, especially those they know aren’t as organized.  Remember that you are doing a great job, but planning is a big task that often works better when one person isn’t going crazy trying to do it all alone.

Make your event a huge success by the practical things you do ahead of time.  Don’t forget to smile and have fun during your event, because you have things organized!

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