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Will Technology Ever Eliminate the Role of an Event Planner?

By Heath

Technology has greatly changed the way planners put on events. From online registration forms to devices that heighten the venue experience for guests, advancements in technology have established themselves into event planning and will never step away anytime soon. As a result, some church leaders might start asking, “Will technology ever eliminate the role of an event planner?”

With apps and online resources readily available at our fingertips 24/7, it is easy to assume that technology will eventually take over the responsibilities planners have to carry out to host successful events. But it is important to not jump to conclusion just because technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It all comes down to actual human interaction and effective communication, which continue to be vital components of event planning. In other words, technology should enhance event planning but never replace the role of an event planner.

One way technology has been improving event planning and guest experience is through more efficient registration processes. For guests, they no longer have to fill out paper forms by hand and return them back to a church leader. Similarly, this also means that planners do not have to keep track of multiple forms in folders once they receive them from attendees. While the registration process has become more streamlined thanks to technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean planners can sit back until the day of the event. It is still your role to ensure that interested parties have access to your forms, monitor the number of submissions, and answer questions people might have while filling them out.

The check-in process at events is additionally improved for both guests and planners because of the elimination of paper. Say goodbye to long lines. Event planners can now have guests simply check in to their events with the click of a mouse or touch on a screen. However, the human interaction component of being an event planner is always required. An enriched check-in process doesn’t guarantee guests won’t have questions about your event’s agenda or venue amenities. As a leader, you have to be prepared to assist your guests on the big day, but advanced technology is also there to help you. One quick online search or opening of a document saves you from having to ask around for answers.

Another area that technology has enhanced for planners is event promotion. While you may not have to hang print flyers in the foyer anymore, you still have to tell others about your event to generate excitement. Social media, email marketing services, and websites allow us to do precisely that, especially since most people are glued to their phones nowadays. However, there is still a thoughtful strategy to how planners effectively promote events to guests in a digital world. You have to start by knowing your target audience. In other words, create content that guests will be able to easily understand and make it available on platforms they consistently utilize.

While feedback is a final way that technology has enhanced event planning, it is definitely not the least important aspect. The success of events and future events is determined by feedback. Today, planners can go to useful resources, such as SurveyMonkey, to receive feedback from your guests. Because the planning process doesn’t stop once your entire agenda is finalized with your venue, you have to brainstorm questions for attendees before, during, and after your event and send them out in the form of surveys if you want to get feedback on their experience.

Social media is another resource to rely on for feedback. For instance, create a Facebook group where you encourage guests to talk about their time at your event. Also, monitor interactions from your posts to see if people are liking your content or giving you an angry emoji to express disappointment. While guests are now able to provide feedback in new ways, your job as a planner still requires you to listen to what they have to say. Analyze and act on your results from both online surveys and social media in order to improve everyone’s experience at current and future events.

When you truly look at the role of an event planner, we can all conclude that the way responsibilities are carried out has drastically changed due to technology. However, these advancements will never be able to eliminate the job of an event planner. There is always work to be done. Enhance your planning process and guest experience right now by letting technology help you along the way.

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